Adsaccelerator Course

By Patrick Wind
Discovering a bit more about Patrick Wind  Patrick Wind is actually playing a CEO role in This man has been given the necessary tools, capacitation and online support to thousands of businessmen that assure that his methods made them grow their businesses with advanced advertisements in social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Not everything was easy for Patrick Wind in his extensive way Before that Wind failed three times in his own e-commerce stores. Unfortunately he had to learn the difficult way that digital marketing is more than just getting new audience and traffic to your website what is true and most people don’t care about it.

What is Wind’s perception about Digital Marketing?

Wind assure us that CPM or Cost per thousand impressions are desperately increasing. For example, if you compare the figures from 2018 January to 2019 January in the US according to recent studies and research that the CPM for Instagram and Facebook has increased 96% what just mean that it cost double to reach the same audience, what is not good for Digital Marketing. You must know that if you keep the same conversion rate through the entire journey of your clients, Investment returns from advertisements will reduce in 50%. There is something curious about Instagram and Facebook statistics that all e-commerce sellers needs to know is that most of the 25% of active users says that actually Facebook ads influence in their online shopping while they are navigating on the internet. This can make increasing on participation three more times through using ads videos, replacing those boring advertisements of a single picture like Instagram. Average CTR of Facebook in all industries is approximately 0.1% and 7% of Instagram users really interact with those ads.

Wind is starring digital marketing right now

Patrick Wind has been nominated by Forbes 30 under 30, numerous methods and courses tested carefully to attract new audiences as design of catchy advertisements and convincing social media posts. Inspired and Motivated by his learning wishes and dominated everything related with Digital Marketing and its strategies, Wind invested 3 million Euros on more than 120 different brands. Giving it back a profit of 10,4 Million euros in online sales for those brands. His marketing strategies has been implemented by international and prestigious brands like; ASICS, Bioderma, and DiamondSupplyCo as well as most rated European startups like HolaLuz, Meller and 21Buttons. The main vision of is to democratize and improve the advanced skills of Knowhow and Digital marketing. In this moment, advance tools and strategies are just available to big enterprises and businesses unfortunately. These enterprises receive direct support from their Facebook and Google key accounts. On the other hand smaller enterprises doesn’t receive this help, thus actually they lack this opportunity and suffers a business disadvantage.

What errors can be found on social media ads?

Wind tell us that nowadays a lot of sellers in e-commerce sector address to the wrong people with the wrong message and especially with boring and static advertisements, plus the incorrect format. Nonetheless, this is a Wind’s personal opinion, because they don’t even know how to set up a proper retargeting funnel and this is because they are doing it in a static way instead of innovating playing some dynamic advertisements of products. Similarly Wind indicates that people should not focus too much on CPC or cost per click. Not to focus on CPM, What is rising and neither focus on the relevancy score. These three KPI that people focus nowadays. Based on a published article by Adweek, it says that people should not worry about traffic cost, people should focus on Traffic quality and it doesn’t matter if it is cheap or expensive because if KPI of lower Funnel upgrades or even remain stable.

Having said that, the only three KPI  that you need to focus on are: Sales quantity, this means the conversion rate, the value of anything related to the purchase and then a unique complement for carts and purchase process.


People start with purchase process only after buying 2 or 3 times, after it, it  rejects your card and then Pixel’s algorithm counts and process 2 or 3 times and this is really bad for you.


What Wind tries to explain in most of his courses and workshops is that you have to focus on the primarily purchase platform with unique compliments to be counted as one in the process.


After it just focus on the quantity of purchases and the value that it has, volume and purchase values.


Forget about Superior KPI funnels on which everyone focuses today. Okay, we know that traffic can be expensive but if you get the right conversion rates quality will be good and you won’t care about traffic cost.


Three ways to increase your conversion rate

Wind wants to spread a message through his workshops and courses and this message is dedicated to the right people on prospection of new ideas, so the intention is to find people to convert into this type of marketing.



Now on the other hand, you need to readjust the marketing strategy not only with Boring ads through the whole day but implementing something like a smart sequence of advertisement.  This works like a redirecting sequential funnel.



So from day 1 to day 3 user will be impacted with a dynamic advertising of a product. To understand this imagine that if you haven’t bought anything at that moment, from day 4 to day 7, some influencer reviews, product reviews or even testimonies will appear.



After that it will show you a different message to no bore the user in the next 14 or 30 days. The main idea is to be relevant to users and audience, it will tell you a story in a sequence of Advertisements and this obviously makes a big difference.



You have to take in mind as well that you need a Sale funnel that is crucial to any e-commerce business because this illustrates very well some perspectives that users go through to finally become into customers. A small online store can market their products to thousands of people but just a small percentage of it will become into Potential customers.



As a result, the upgrade and optimization of your Sales funnel comes along with the optimization of your Conversion rate.


Wind purposes that we have three ways to design our sales funnel to 


increase and maximize the amount of Conversions:


Metric oriented funnel: take a look to your pages or websites and its main value or grow potential, Track the key metrics that will help you visualize how you are goals doing and think how to prevent leaks.



AIDA model: This model will help us to determine what do we have to do people get interested into buying our products, getting familiarized with them, wishing our products and finally act buying our products.


Enhanced E-commerce model:  This model will let you to focus on individual products and actual trends.


Changing sellers behavior to make them grow

In this part Wind establish that we have 2 channels to where he sees a lot of growth potential right now this year and for sure, the next year. One of them is YouTube, where it just started to add the function of combining Google Shopping with Youtube. This is great and just amazing.



Imagine that you are watching a YouTube video of Nike of a single soccer player that is sponsored by Nike and below him you can see each product that was featured in the video. This basically will convert all these products into Purchasable content. Wind says that this will be something huge this year and why not, next year too.



Patrick Wind’s perspective about this is that when you are in the e-commerce industry you need to detail every single business model of some brands. Europe is forgetting a really promising project and that project is the Pinterest platform. This platform depends too much on the audience but it still ok.



One of the e-commerce enterprises which Wind works with sells women jewelry and the target audience of Pinterest are women and all of them in age range from 25 to 40 years old. Being this a high purchasing power audience.


Pinterest is to businessmen a very clever idea, because Pinterest have just released a way to publish announcements in the same way that Facebook and Instagram does. This is simple to be honest. But CPM are lower, for what we know this is not important but still being a KPI indicator.